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The Grail Centre embodies an inclusive and global community, serving as an international ecumenical, spiritual, cultural, and social movement led by interfaith women.

The Grail movement is committed to the transformation of the world into a global community of justice and peace.

The Spirit of The Grail is expressed in practical work towards international goals:

Justice and Solidarity

Working for justice and solidarity.


Facing cultural change.

Enabling Women

Enabling women to develop their full potential in different walks of life..


Building bridges of understanding and breaking down barriers.


Healing our planet and the divisions among us.

Find out more about the international Grail Movement here

The Community

At The Grail Centre in Kleinmond, Western Cape, South Africa, part of the mountainside property is home to an Intentional Community. These private houses form part of a collective which is run by women from diverse walks of life, who have a personal history of working for justice and solidarity and who carry the role of stewardship of The Grail Centre. The Grail Centre also supports the Mthimkhulu Village Centre in Kleinmond, an empowerment project that promotes education, training, entrepreneurship and community building in Kleinmond. Learn more about the Mthimkhulu Village project here

Welcome to The Grail Centre.

A conscious conferencing and accommodation venue in the heart of Kleinmond.

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